Mission Statement

The mission of West Jordan Middle School is to advance each student’s academic and personal development.

Belief Statements

  • All students can learn, therefore student learning is the highest priority.
  • Students learn best where there is a collaborative effort among teachers, students, parents, and the community.
  • Students who communicate in effective and appropriate ways are empowered to be successful.
  • Students learn best when they are actively engaged in problem-solving and using critical thinking skills that foster life-long learning.
  • Students need curriculum that is engaging and relevant which will have a lasting impact.
  • Students learn best in a physically and emotionally safe environment.
  • Students need to adapt to an ever-changing world.
  • Students should become responsible citizens who demonstrate respect and responsibility to themselves, others, and their community.

Desired Results for Student Learning

At West Jordan Middle School, we work to help students become:

  • ¬†Literate communicators
    • express ideas, opinions, and information clearly in oral, written, artistic, mathematical, and technological forms.
    • use reading and thinking strategies to comprehend and enjoy functional, informational, and literary texts.
  • Resourceful thinkers
    • use information-seeking strategies with a variety of tools (books, Internet, reference materials, etc.)
    • employ a variety of critical-thinking skills to study, analyze, and critique information from all subject areas
  • Responsible citizens
    • exhibit respectful, responsible, safe, and kind behavior toward self and others in order to improve the atmosphere of the school.
    • participate in community events and have opportunities to give service to the community.