Parent Teacher Student Association


The PTSA at West Jordan Middle is always looking for parents interested in participating! Our meetings are held every 3nd Tuesday at 11:30am (and they include a free lunch!); we’d love to have you join us. (¡También nos encantaría tener los padres que hablen español!) If you can’t come to a meeting but would still like to participate, please contact us at and we’ll happily find something you can do to make our school a little bit more awesome.

Remember, the best way to support the PTSA is by joining (cost is $5) and especially by purchasing a memory book for your child (pre-order cost is $30). Our memory books are beautiful, hardcover books and that is our only fundraiser for the year so all of the profits from our books are what fund the programs we run at the school. We’d also love more parent involvement in creating them, so if you’re interested please contact us!


2023-24 PTSA Board
President: Meredith Balmforth
President elect: TBD
Treasurer: Trina Sharp
Secretary: Michelle Whitchurch
Student Leadership VPs: Bibiana Griffiths & Cammy Whitchurch
Memory Book Chair: Meredith Balmforth

Contact us at or (801) 707-7068

How to Join PTSA:

Option 1: Go into the main office during the school day and pay with cash or card.

Option 2: Log on to Skyward, click on “Fee Management” from the menu, click on “Add a fee”, then scroll through the list of options. There’s one for student membership or parent membership and both are $5. Click on “Add” for whichever ones you want. If you want to join for you and a spouse, add the parent fee once and then find it in the list and add it a second time. (This is a great time to verify that you’ve purchase a memory book and add one if it isn’t in your list of paid fees!) Exit that screen and click on “Make a Payment” to pay for everything.

Option 3: If you’re having a hard time figuring out how to add the fee in your Skyward account, you can call the main office and ask them to add it to Skyward for you. Then all you’ll have to do is click on “Fee Management” and “Make a Payment”.